New Google Box aims to end competition.

No New Updates for The Google Nexus Device.

What started out as the future of T.V has quickly come to an end. The Nexus Set Top Box was released in 2014 and exclusively sold on the play store initially. Thought to be a follow up to the surprisingly successful ChromeCast, Major 3rd Party retailers like Best Buy and Walmart quickly placed this device on their websites. Despite the fact that Google's Popular ChromeCast device does not run on the Android TV Platform as the Nexus does.

Nexus Player was the first Android T.V device. While the Nexus Player itself did not impress. Android T.V has since been adopted by multiple Smart T.V Manufacturers as well as The Nvidia Shield which is widely regarded as the best gaming device for the money. The Android website has praised the Android T.V platform for its millions of new activation's in its short 2 year life span.

The decision at Google to stop producing the Nexus has become a focal point of the internet with sites like offering very negative feedback. I myself feel as though Google never intended to produce the Nexus long term because of the success of the Chromecast. A decision I reached after noticing how limited the offerings of the Nexus system and features were. I believe the Nexus Player was meant to introduce Android TV and it served its purpose quite well. has even named Android TV the #1 Smart TV Platform in the world.

Unfortunately for Google fans the Nexus Player has become another Google Device that could not make it on to the shelves of most stores. This is not a lost for our consumers who can still buy devices with the Android Platform for much cheaper. SHOP NOW

The Google Nexus box has given the Android TV Platform a clear lead in the Smart Tv market, which is by far the most important market for cutting the need for cable, largely due to storage options, necessity, convenience and ease of use.

The Google Nexus Device may not have made it on to many store shelves. But to me it seems to be the sacrificial lamb used to improve The Android TV platform in every way and with manufacturers lining up to add the platform to their products, The Nexus device may have played a vital role in the success of Android Tv.