Comcast buys Exclusive Programming

Every morning some one wakes up with the problem most of us have been forced to address. Some problems have no solution, while others have been forever answered by technological advancement.

Smart TV's have managed to solve a major american problem, cable companies can no longer control the amount of hours your TV can keep you entertained.

Owning a SMART TV has evolved into a viable option for people wanting to fix financial issues and/or avoid them altogether. $125 a month may not seem bad for most but since 2013 over 100 million people have found a solution that keeps at least half of that cash in their pockets.

Cable Companies had long took advantage of the dreaded thought of your big expensive TV screen going to waste if the bill in your mailbox wasn't paid by its disconnect date. TV manufacturers have been trying to fix the problem of facturing paying a monthly cable bill into the purchasing of their product. They have recently reversed that mathmatcial equation by making SMART TV's do everything from listening to your voice to connecting to the internet and giving customers the ability to stream content cable companies couldn't allow access to even if they wanted to.

The Smart TV has also created a problem for streaming media players making them just as useless as a cable box. There are only a few TV boxes that can out perform a SMART TV. Click our logo at the top of the page if you want to check them out.

But Cable Companies have chosen to invest record amounts of cash into keeping and attracting customers at an even higher rate rather than lowering prices and attempting to convince customers into staying.

Comcast Buys NBCUniversal

In 2009 Comcast agress to a $30 billion purchase agreement with GE to acquire NBC Universal. A deal that officially took place in 2011 but didnt complete until 2013.

Comcast also introduced its Xfinity streaming application and it becomes the first cable company to shift its focus away from set top boxes.

AT&T Buys Time Warner

In 2016 AT&T announced a $85 billion agreement to purchase Time Warner. 7 years after Comcast pivots from set top boxes AT&T looks to do the same.

AT&T also purchased DIRECTV and packaged some if its best channels into a online streaming service available on almost all devices.

The question everyone is asking... Why are Cable Companies moving away from set top boxes?

The two largest cable companies are spending billions of dollars on companies that do not offer the services that they do. How can corporate execs go into board meetings and explain to board members why they're risking billions of dollars on the purchasing of companies that will not enhance their product.

You don't have to have billions of dollars on the line to realize that moving away from set top boxes and traditional monthly cable bills may be a smart move. These huge investements by cable companies only validate the decision to do so.