Netflix shifts focus to Original Content

The Future of TV

Netflix is undeniably the leader of online streaming with MORE THAN 40% of Broadband Users using Netflix App.

As Amazon announces its new Prime Video monthly subscription price of 8.99 which happens to be more affordable than the new price of Netflix 9.99. Netflix increases its spending on original content which many already credits Netflix with having the better of. I myself subscribe to both services meaning I can sit back and literally enjoy every minute of original content they release.

If you have not yet enjoyed the House of Cards, Luke Cage or Orange is the New Black series Netflix is offering or Amazon's Bosch and The Patriot similar plots and strong cast as well. I strongly encourage you to do so.

Netflix choosing to focus on original content has been praised by many on Wall Street. On the Surface it may seem like a logical move. After reading a Netflix Letter to Shareholders that says "original content continues to be well-received all over the world". Netflix investing an additional $1B to the $5B spent on original content last year should have subscribers itching to see what the writers and producers Netflix has chosen to work with can create next.

When you look a little closer you can start to see how Netflix could be positioning themselves for a takeover. By choosing to create more of the content it offers rather than agreeing to expensive long term agreements or risking more content being pulled from their service due to MUCH larger companies like Apple and Amazon outbidding them for exclusive rights.

With Netflix at 93M subscribers, far more than any competitor. Netflix appears to be the clear #1 choice for anyone looking for content alternative to what cable networks are offering.

    Top Netflix Shows
  • Luke Cage
  • House of Cards
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Narcos
  • Iron Fist
    Netflix Packages
  • 7.99 - Without HD/Stream on 1 device at a time.
  • 9.99 - HD Included/Stream on 2 devices at a time.
  • 11.99 Stream on 4 devices at a time.