Android Tv

The competition online in the streaming industry since I launched in 2016 is breathtaking. In 2014 companies like Google and Amazon had positioned themselves to take advantage of every aspect of online streaming. Google TV launched after the announcement of a new digital media player being released called Google Nexus.

I had been looking to end my cable service, I had only two options at the time.


AMAZON FIRE STICK(1st Generation)

The Amazon TV Fire stick had gained popularity over the previous 2 years but I wanted speed and more customization abilities, The Fire Stick had no Ethernet Port so I chose to purchase the Android TV Box.

The Android Box was more expensive by about 20 bucks and they both were "unlockable". Meaning a streaming software by the name of Kodi could be installed. I have to admit that discovering I had paid $100 dollars for a box with a bulk retail price of $25 simply because it had a piece of software downloaded on to it from the internet challenged my business acumen. I began selling Android TV boxes with the best available version of Kodi installed for $50. I bought 5 different models and programmed each one. I had sold 10 boxes my first week and quickly realized that I was on the ground floor of an industry that I believed would overtake Cable TV.

Now the options seem unlimited there are so many options out there but Android TV has been the clear leader since day 1. Their rollout of products has been confusing at times but the capabilities of said products seem to exceed those of even the most expensive options on the market.

The streaming industry has evolved since 2016 and there are now many ways to access the Android TV platform some are listed below.



Set Top Box - Google Chromecast, AirTV and Xiaomi's Mi Box S