ESPN Executive not a fan of Streaming Tv.

Two years ago ESPN reluctantly admitted to the lost of almost 10% or its 100 million cable subscribers since 2013 due to CableCuts. ESPN exec John Skipper even reiterated the fact that he is happy with their current business model.

"We could sell ESPN, as a standalone product, but we don't believe it to be a good business."

ESPN has since partnered with Sling TV's so-called "skinny" bundle, agreeing to be part of a small selection of channels offered by the online streaming service. The package starting at $20 monthly can be viewed on all online media streaming devices.

More Recently America's favorite channel announced that it would layoff over 100 key employees.

"We will implement changes in our talent lineup this week"

While there is no real sign of companies that launched expensive standalone projects are doing any better, outside of them not laying off their talent.

"We will look at direct to consumer... and decide to be more aggressive when we think it will help us grow our business."

John Skipper may be looking back wondering if they should have been more aggressive

While owners of sporting franchises collect record earnings, fans are being asked to pay even more for cable and the companies that are promoting their product can not afford to pay its employees.

ESPN layoffs may not be the ultimate deal breaker for future adaptors to online streaming but I wonder how one of the most expensive publishers cable has to offer seem to be having money problems.

I won't link to any of the self serving, President Trump like press releases ESPN has released this month. I will say it looks like the President of ESPN is struggling to do his job as much as our commander and chief is these days.